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Through our programs and projects, we provide kidney warriors with the tools they need to live happier and healthier lives.


We are committed to developing high-quality programs to help decrease healthcare disparities in kidney disease while increasing the number of kidney transplants performed. We believe in empowering kidney warriors and their family members every step of the way. Our team regularly collaborates with members and industry experts on projects to make this happen. It’s an approach that keeps everyone happier and healthier. Below are the initiatives we are committed to that will make a lasting impact.

For information about sponsoring an information session in the Atlanta area, or partnering with the Kidney Champion Foundation to encourage patients to become better informed about kidney disease, please contact: Crystal King, Program Director at 404-913-9764 or

Kidney Education

In 2023, we educated over 87.4K people about kidney disease. We have strategies in place to expand our reach in 2024. Be sure to check out our latest educational materials. All resources are listed below.

Community Outreach

Our volunteer advocates present at churches and community centers, serve as speakers on panels, co-chairs of conferences, focus group participants, and patient research reviewers and participate in community health fairs to educate the public about kidney disease. 

Kidney Policy

We fight for impactful policy changes on the local, state and national levels. We strive to hold our leaders accountable, and to educate and empower others to take action. We work to advance legislation and regulatory policies important to kidney patients and their families. Get in involved and increase our impact.

“Kidney disease is a low-profile, unglamorous problem, a disease that disproportionately strikes minorities and the poor.”

- Virginia Postrel


In addition to our programs and education library, we offer a list of resources for patients, caregivers, and the public. From the latest educational articles to media content, our resources section updates frequently, so check back regularly to find the information you need.

Financial Assistance  

Transitional, short-term support to individuals and families affected by transplantation in the state of Georgia.

Transplant Fundraising

Prepare for ongoing transplant costs through fundraising assistance and account management of transplant funds in the state of Georgia.

John Hopkins Kidney Transplant Book

Comprehensive guide for those recently transplanted.

NFK Patient Information Help Line

Offers support for people affected by kidney disease, organ donation, or transplantation. Speak with a trained specialist who will answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

CKD Kidney Dietician Directory

A resource for individuals looking for dietitians that treat pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients.

NFK Peer Mentoring Program 

Kidney warriors are connected via phone with trained mentors who can share their experiences with dialysis, transplant, or living kidney donation with you.

Support Groups 

AAKP’s list of Kidney Support Groups in GA.

Community Patient Support Group Guidebook

Community Patient Support Group Guidebook - AAKP's resource book to help you form an independent patient support group in your local community.

Find Your Kidney Hero

If you’re living with kidney disease, you should identify someone who can be your Kidney Hero. 

Family at a Beach


Your support helps families facing kidney disease every step of the way.

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