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Post Transplant You Must Stay Vaccinated

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The rules that previously governed your life will change.

Post Transplant You Must Stay Vaccinated

After you receive a kidney transplant, you must begin taking immunosuppression medicine to prevent your body from rejecting the new kidney. These medicines cause you to be at a higher risk of infection because they lower your immune system. In order to reduce you risk for infection, one must:

💉 Get the flu shot every Fall

💉 Get the pneumonia shot every 5 years

💉 Stay up to date with all recommended immunizations

Get All Recommended Vaccines

It’s not advisable for kidney transplant recipients to become anti-vaxxers or skip out on recommended shots. Receiving a kidney transplant, means that you have consequently chosen the Western medicine approach, which evolves from a different philosophy than Eastern, or Holistic medicine.

Non Compliant Kidney Patients

We realize that some kidney transplant patients may struggle with the realization that they chose a Western medicine approach. The truth of the matter is that you can’t be one foot in and one foot out unless you want to be at a high risk for losing your kidney. In fact, if your transplant hospital discovers that you’re unwilling to follow their Western medicine treatment plan prior to being transplanted, they will reject you from their kidney transplant program stating that you are not a viable candidate for transplantation.

If You Want a Kidney Transplant, You Must Be All In

We often hear people say that kidney transplants aren’t for everyone. We’re certain that the struggle of committing to the Western Medicine approach is a contributing reason why.

But to increase your chances of having longevity with your newly transplanted kidney, you must comply with a new set of rules that will govern your life.


This page contains general medical information. Medical knowledge and practice can change rapidly. Therefore, this page should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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