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Need Help Raising Money?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Assistance for medication, insurance premium, and transportation costs.

Do you need help raising money for medication costs, insurance premiums, or transportation costs pre or post-transplant? Then we've got a solution for you and it’s not GoFundMe. [ As a matter of fact, we aren't fans of systems that keep portions of all funds raised when people are in need. Sneaky, Sneaky. ]

Georgia Residents Only

If you live in Georgia and are struggling with medical costs, you should consider reaching out to the Transplant Fundraising Program (TFP) by the Georgia Transplant Foundation (GTF). This program provides assistance to transplant candidates and recipients with ongoing costs associated with transportation, medication costs, and insurance premiums.

There are two different accounts to choose from, a matched account and an unmatched account. This information about both accounts was pulled directly from TFP’s website. Let’s talk about the matched account first.

Matched Account

"A matched account provides up to $10,000 of fundraising matching. This type of account must be applied for and approved pre-transplant. Matched accounts have eligibility criteria, including being a Georgia resident, applying pre-transplant, and exhibiting financial or insurance needs."

Unmatched Account

"Unmatched accounts are not matched and may be opened pre- or post-transplant. Funds may be used for expanded transplant costs, such as housing and travel, as well as prescription medication expenses."


To assist you in this process, Georgia Transplant Fund provides fundraising workshops to teach creative ways to raise money in your community.

If you are too sick to complete the application to participate in this program, please find someone who can assist you. Healthy people should not find the application overwhelming. If you have a caregiver, we strongly suggest you seek their help as this is a great program to sign up for to help with medical expenses.


This page contains general medical information. Medical knowledge and practice can change rapidly. Therefore, this page should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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